Our Partners

Springbrook Church is affiliated with the US Midwest Acts 29 Network, a diverse, global family of church-planting churches and the Forest Lakes District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. 


There are 28 chapters in the book of Acts. The name Acts 29 reflects the conviction that God is still at work through his Spirit to continue what was begun in the first century. We are simply seeking to follow in the pattern of Spirit-led and Scripture-directed church planting and evangelistic ministry that began in Acts and has continued in every age through God's faithful servants.

Acts 29 stands in the tradition of historic evangelical confessionalism. While we believe it is vital that the Elders of each of our churches determine where they stand on doctrines of second importance, we do wish to make known our convictions on the following five theologically-driven core values:

  1. Gospel centrality in all of life.

  2. The sovereignty of God in saving sinners.

  3. The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit for all of life and ministry.

  4. The fundamental moral and spiritual equality of male and female as well as the principle of male headship in the church and home.

  5. The local church as the primary means by which God chooses to establish his kingdom on earth.

For more information about Acts 29, please visit www.acts29.com


The Forest Lakes District of the EFCA exist to strengthen our member churches so that together we may multiply transformational churches among all peoples. 


  • Connect: Create environments for relationships.

  • Equip: Offer resources and training.

  • Multiply: Support the multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches.

To learn more about the EFCA, please visit www.efca.org